City of Lights

by Railyard Conspiracy

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All tracks arranged, performed, and produced by Railyard Conspiracy, and recorded at Northfire Recording in Amherst, MA.

Album art by Sylvie Ramirez.

Sleeve design by Giaco Corsiglia and Daniel Webber.

RYC would like to thank Luca Antonucci, for his time and his trumpet, and Marc Seedorf, for his patience, expertise, and greatness.

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© 2013 by Railyard Conspiracy. All rights reserved.


released March 25, 2013

RYC is:

Ian Stahl: Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, lead guitar on "Color by the Numbers".
Joe Taff: Lead guitar, harmony vocals, keyboards on "Color by the Numbers".
Ben Muller: Keyboards, saxophones, piano, harmony vocals.
Daniel Webber: Bass guitar.
EJ Nisbeth: Drums, acoustic and electronic percussion.



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Railyard Conspiracy Amherst, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Color by the Numbers

There you go again

Bit off more than you can swallow

Gave up all your friends

Said you've got bigger dreams to follow

Now momma's upset

'Cause you didn't leave no note

You just up and left

Kid I think you 'bout to choke


Keep it simple kid

You ain't the kind for the busy life

Take it easy kid

Don't go gettin' lost in the city lights

Yeah, your eyes are crossed and your shoes are untied

Color by the numbers and you might just get by all right

You said big men, don't bother takin' baby steps

Think again, and count the ways that you’ve been blessed

Now momma’s upset, 'cause you gave her the slip

Watch your step, boy I think you 'bout to trip


Track Name: We Never Sleep

"We never sleep but we’re always dreaming"

She whispers and smiles

Some nights First Avenue is teeming

Some nights we just get high and get lost for a while

We never sleep we just keep waiting

We never sleep we just keep waiting


For the hustle, the hurry, the sound and the fury

And the sweet smell of summer as the sun sinks down low

Oh, I know we’re both tired, but this city’s on fire

Our thirst runs too deep, so baby we never sleep

We never die but we’re always dying

To feel that warm feeling again

There are angels in the lights on Seventh

And devils in the darkness of Ten-Ten

We never sleep and we’ve stopped trying

We never sleep we're still just dying


And we could always get some three-two

And we could always go to Ten-Ten

Ain’t you heard about the night club called the Nice Nice

Southeast Fourth to Fifteenth & Franklin

Yeah we keep running down those Southeast streets

And we’re just blazing through the August heat

But we never wake up at Fifteenth & Franklin

'Cause we never sleep, we just keep waiting


We never sleep we just keep waiting

Track Name: Smoke Signals

I was wading in waters of dangers untold

Between youthful daydreams and memories old

In the dark of your mind in that city of lights

Does the fire still singe the black edges of night?

'Cause I remember when the flames would roar

We had it all, but baby, you wanted more

Now I'm burning in the light of day

Hoping to send a smoke signal your way

We stopped by woods on a snowy eve

And kissed in silence under the skeletons of the trees

Do you recall the words you whispered to me then?

'Cause I don't either and I may never again

In that ancient place, far out of sight

We sealed our vows in fire and night

Now I'm burning in the light of day

Hoping to send a smoke signal your way

There's a Promethean spark flashing through my veins

And its smoke causes ghosts to rise from these plains

Your lifeblood's the city, but I just couldn't leave

This town we grew up in that made us believe

The firebrand still smolders on
The man on the corner still sings the same song

Now I'm burning in the light of day

Hoping to send a smoke signal your way
Track Name: Dream People

My mind’s eye sets them free

When daylight comes, they cease to be

I know their faces but the names won’t come

Their lips are moving but forever they’ll be dumb


They are lost and can’t be found

They can’t make a sound

These dream people come to life

Hurry, hurry, turn on the light

Cities filled inside my head

Hanging by a single thread

They don’t know when I awake

Their tether to this world will break


You and I are alike

We’ve been living behind closed eyes

No matter what dreams may come

We’re forever lost to the rising sun

Dare I dream after daylight?

Dare I dream?
Track Name: Boston

Too much to say for one rainy day

So I’ll take the first bus to Boston just to get away

I know I can’t hide from the love inside

But I can hide from you so I’ll never have to lie

'Cause there’s got to be a better way to say what I need to say

But the battle’s been lost so I guess I’m on my way


I can tell you no lies

So I must walk in disguise

Although I know love comes and goes

I still try

How can a man be so alone

When he’s got so many numbers on his telephone?
So many people to talk to but nothing to say

I guess I’ll let this dirty water take me away
'Cause there’s got to be a better place, there’s got to be a better taste
To get rid of all this bitterness